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Self-portrait by Elisa from Italy. Psychological self-portrait by Pang from USA, 2001 Alessio from Italy drawing of himself in his desired future job (2002)

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Life-skills Training: Building On Local Curriculums

Child/Student Activities Resources
Step 1 Self-presentation. Publication of personal goals
  1. Who Am I?
  2. What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?
  3. How Do I Want The World To Be Better When I Grow Up?
  4. What Can I Do Now To Make This Happen?

Students with clear personal goals are easier to motivate!
Help students set, regularly reconsider, and begin the process of reaching their goals.
Show them how learning contributes to help them get there.

All students must register
Psychological self-portrait
Portrait of self in desired job
Registration form for children. and teachers
Uses of students' self-presentations.

Life-skills training.
Teacher workshop
Step 2 Develop deeper knowledge of self, own and others' goals
Also, learning about others to learn more about one's own self.
Who-Am-I?: Contents. Home page
Life-skills training. Curriculum. Teacher workshop
Step 3 Collaborate with peers across divides like distance, languages, culture
Social networking skills a necessity in emerging global information society.
My Future Job. Curriculum
Making Our World Better. Curriculum
Other educational projects

Participants meet in KidSpace to publish and review student works, in KidCom to discuss, in KidArt for children's art projects and competitions, and Kidlink's web. Some services are for kids and youth through secondary school only.
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Educators about how they want the world to become better:

Linda from United States : I strive to make the world a better place by giving back to others in my community by doing volunteer tutoring on weekends and in the summer.

Martene from New Zealand : I would like my students to be exposed to a wider world, where they can share experiences and hopefully become more tolerant and open-minded. If I can expand their world-view a little, they may become more aware of oportunities out there for them and issues that they should be concerned about.

Oxana from Russian Federation : To be in peace with nature and people around you

Anna from United Kingdom : Kinder, greener and with lots of time for each other.

Gonzalo from Chile : With no violence.

Duyen from Vietnam : I want the world to develop, all people will be happy.

Santos from Peru : Peace in the world and can help to the needs if it is possible in this life.

Students about "How do I want the world to be better when I grow up?"

Sandra from United Kingdom : I want peace and love

Agnes from Norway : I don`t want anyone to be poor. I don`t want it to be war or something bad.

Sarah from Canada : I want to stop global warming, I want the world to be less violent.

Danielle Amber from Philippines : I wanto to grow up in a world where it is safe for kids like me. I want to see a place where people help each other and care about other people's welfare.

Mohamed from Jordan : lets live in bease

Paige from United States : I want the world to be less polluted and the waters to be cleaner.

Hannah from Australia : no littering / cool / not stressing / make new friends

Ingeborg from Norway : I want that the world shall be a place for everyone, and there eveyone like to be and live. I want that every children and adult can get funny hobbies and sleep well in the nights. Everyone shall have a family to go to.

Justin from United States : Stop global warming so that the earth will be a nicer place to live.

Stine from Norway : I want it to be les pollution and peace in all countries.

Laura from Korea (South) : I hope the world is s~o peaceful so there is no war around the world! So we all can be good friends and neighbors ^^

Our motives | What's in it for your students?

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