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Odd de Presno

Abstracts of typical presentations and workshops:

Internet Trends

Where are we heading? Access. Contents. The Web. Online communities. Tools. Applications. Finding your way through the maze...

Travelling the world with Internet in your suitcase

"Why everything goes rwong - a humorous perspective on the business traveller's life on the Internet." Road stories by a seasoned traveller. Mail. Connectivity obstacles. Getting your notebook across country borders. Tricks of the trade.

Using the handbook when cruising the net

Current favorites. 'Secret' surfing tricks. ,Tends that promise to revolutionize the way we work.

The Internet for journalists and reporters

1-2 day workshop. One workstation per participant.

Step 1: Using Chapter 10 as the basis for students' work, in particular the section "Locating interesting sources."
Step 2: Using the Web efficiently
Step 3
: Tapping into what people say and think
Step 4: Navigating and searching standard and non-standard sources of news.